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our mission

Elevate food from healthy to healing

All of VitaBowl’s product offerings have been scientifically designed to provide nutritional benefits to the body and at a cellular level.


Whether it’s designing an innovative menu based on consumer insights, setting high service standards, or ensuring we have the right people with the right skills, we put those we serve at the core of what we do. Our approach is simple:

1. Craft chef-inspired menus with high-quality ingredients 

2. Encourage healthier living with nutritious options

3. Offer convenience that fits different lifestyles

4. Enable personalized experiences through exceptional service

We believe that excellent food can enhance experiences and empower people to be better. So we work to channel our passion for food into enriching and nourishing the lives we touch. And we do it with a singular goal: to enable great food experiences that go beyond what’s expected.


Across every industry, workplace experience is changing. Spatial needs, amenities and service delivery are being redefined by employee expectations and technological advancements.  

Whether your organization embraces new social distancing protocols, works from home, or works in pre-pandemic environments, we can help. We use industry insights and real-time feedback to bring employees experiences they are craving. For managers, our proven operating models drive productivity, operating efficiencies and value. The results are physical spaces and amenities that drive recruitment, retention, occupant satisfaction and bottom-line results. 


The recent spotlight on healthcare has highlighted not only its importance but also its opportunities for change. Healthcare administrators seek repeatable solutions and measurable outcomes in their efforts to standardize across a system. Solutions must drive both increases in revenue and decreases in expense. Patient satisfaction and infection prevention are essential to create a welcoming environment and reinforce the public’s confidence in safety.

Technologies that drive frictionless experiences for patients and caregivers, as well as efficiencies in service delivery, can become a reflection of your brand. Yet, all of this must occur within the new financial realities of the healthcare industry. We can help. We use industry insights and real-time feedback to deliver innovative solutions that drive healing, satisfaction and financial stability.

Higher Education

The collegiate experience is changing. New challenges are causing colleges and universities to adopt a new mindset toward the student experience, community satisfaction and campus operations. Parents, students and staff are evaluating institutions based on a commitment to their safety. As a result, technologies that drive frictionless experiences can become a reflection of your brand. Return to operations, space requirements and operating approaches must occur within the restrictions of new financial realities. We can help. We use industry insights and continuous innovation to create campus environments that drive recruitment, retention, satisfaction and financial stability.