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How Does It Work?

1. Choose Your Meal Plan

Choose the ideal plan for you.

2. Choose Your Meals

Choose your weekly meals from our delicious variety

2. Receive Your Freshly Cooked Meals

Delicious fully cooked meals delivered right to your door.


Why VitaBowl?

Foodinthebox is a subscription model with which you will receive everything you need to cook delicious recipes at home. Forget about going to the supermarket and spending hours looking for all the ingredients, say goodbye to the stress of having to think about what to eat every week. With Foodinthebox you will have more time for yourself and the things that really matter!

What does the weekly box of my order contain?

Foodinthebox contains all the ingredients and spices necessary to prepare our recipes, except for what should never be missing in your kitchen: a little oil, salt and pepper. You will also find the step by step that will guide you during cooking, as well as the list of ingredients and the nutritional value for each recipe. You will have access to all this information through the QR codes found on the packaging.

Can I pause my subscription?

Will you be away for a few weeks? Don't worry, at Foodinthebox you have full control of your subscription. You can pause and resume weeks as many times as you like.

How much does Foodinthebox cost?

When placing your order you can select the type of plan you want, the number of weekly recipes and the number of guests. Prices will vary based on selection. The price you see is the final price, which includes all the ingredients of the chosen recipes, the cookbooks, the shipping and the corresponding taxes.

How long do the ingredients stay fresh?

All our Boxes have an isothermal and ecological coating so that the ingredients arrive fresh to your kitchen. Once your Box has been shipped, it will stay fresh for approximately 48 hours. Once you receive it, you must place all the ingredients that need it in the fridge.

Can I return my order after I have received it?

Since these are perishable ingredients and products, it is not possible to return your order after receiving it, as the food would spoil. At Foodinthebox we work hard to reduce waste!